The Time is Now


    A solar future within a park of innovation

    With concern over the impact of climate change mounting, power companies worldwide are turning to alternative technologies to meet global demand for energy in a cleaner and more sustainable way.

    Making inroads for the future

    As the epicenter of the technology revolution moves away from personal computing and smartphones and toward transport, energy and urban living, a new breed of industry leader is shaping the agenda for the future.

    Digital capital of the world

    As well as liberalizing legislation governing foreign investment and visas, Dubai’s government support for digitization is also turning the city into a magnet for tech entrepreneurs.

    Designed for emotion

    In many respects, the ProCeed represents the culmination of more than a decade’s worth of focused investments in high-end car design at Kia.

    A new paradigm for the world of work

    In their reluctance to embrace the freedoms of cloud-based computing, many organizations are inflicting on their employees a demoralizing series of inefficiencies and frustrations.

    Reinventing the business of property

    ERES’s ambitions for transforming real estate procedure extend well beyond its home city.

    Car subscription goes mainstream

    Under the Care by Volvo program, consumers no longer have to buy their vehicles outright.

    Setting the pace in hydrogen

    In 2018, Hyundai signed a landmark contract to provide 1,000 hydrogen trucks in Switzerland.

    Heavy transport in the fast lane

    Far from the spotlight, long-established manufacturers of heavy vehicles are developing zero-emission buses and trucks which could transform the sustainability of road haulage, logistics and passenger transport.

    A culture of innovation

    All global industries will reduce the content of labor in their processes and new, more sophisticated jobs will be created.

    Dubai leads the way in data

    If data is the fuel powering the Globalization 4.0 trend in focus at Davos in 2019, then no city is better positioned for this new era than the bustling trade and services hub of modern-day Dubai.

    The underground revolution

    The benefits of electrification extend well beyond a mining company’s bottom line.

    Data shakes up world of retail

    In that architectural icon of the consumer age, the shopping mall, some of the world’s largest developers are using the power of data to find new ways to attract customers and increase spending.

    A scooter for the new generation

    While most car manufacturers have been slow to respond to the rise of the kick scooter, Barcelona-based SEAT has seized the opportunity to develop an innovative new mobility solution.

    Global leadership

    Only international business has the technology, resources and reach to develop solutions on a global scale.

    Unlocking the power of productivity

    "It is going to be an incredibly impactful shift for every major enterprise around the world." David J. Henshall, President and CEO, Citrix

    The new face of mining

    By 2030, Anglo American aims to halve its extraction of freshwater in water-scarce regions and take its overall sustainability performance to an entirely new level.
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