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Buzz speaks with David J. Henshall, President and CEO, Citrix

Existing business structures are making way for more fluid enterprises

How do you think the nature of work is going to change?

On the one hand, computing is advancing at an incredibly rapid pace. On the other, young digital natives are joining the workforce and bringing their own set of expectations. Combine this with constrained labor markets and a worldwide shortage of tech skills, and it becomes clear that a new approach is needed.

I think that the most effective organizations will be those that become much less hierarchical and much more fluid. They will become so-called liquid enterprises, with structures and contracts that depend on the types of projects they are undertaking.

The old rigid model will have to give way. To adapt to this new paradigm, enterprises will have to rethink the way they enable people to interact with information. The focus of enterprise computing needs to shift away from controlling people and move toward unlocking their productivity.

David J. Henshall, President & CEO, Citrix

What are some of the benefits of this new approach?

It is going to be an incredibly impactful shift for every major enterprise around the world. By increasing productivity, increasing engagement and increasing motivation, companies that embrace the new way of thinking could drive their profits and revenue as much as 20% higher.

Their customers will be more satisfied and their employees will be more engaged. The business benefits of simplifying enterprise technology are completely demonstrable.

How can Citrix Workspace help companies prepare for this new world?

At Citrix we want to abstract away a lot of the complexity of enterprise computing, so that companies can focus on the critical problems that really matter to a business.

Citrix Workspace is a general-purpose solution that can be used by everyone inside the enterprise to access applications and consume information. It provides workers with a single experience, whatever the device, wherever the location.

There are more than one billion knowledge workers in the world today and every one of them could benefit from a platform that helps them become more organized and more productive than ever before.

I strongly believe that people can accomplish amazing things if you give them the tools to be productive on their own termsfull_stop

As published in TIME magazine