SEAT in the city

As automakers around the world race to reinvent the car for the 21st century city, Spanish brand SEAT has one major competitive advantage that has put it firmly in pole position.

All roads lead to Rio 2016

With a projected cost of around $11 billion, the Rio 2016 Olympics looks like a relative bargain compared to the price tag for the Sochi 2014 Winter Games, which topped $50 billion.

Pole position

China’s Thunder Power plans to start mass production of a range of sporty, high-performance models in its home country by as early as 2019.

Enel: The journey to open power

"We are focused on our customers, which is why we launched a new global business line; it will come into the market under the new brand, Enel X."

Q&A: Avery Dennison

Dean A. Scarborough, CEO & Chairman: "Our goal in 2025 is to have 70% of our paper sourcing FSC certified, which is the highest standard of paper certification."

Supporting sustainable trade

At Davos  this year, politicians and policymakers are debating the next stage in the integration of  international trade, with giant regional free trade agreements set to transform  global  flows of goods and services. 

The coffee revolution

In May 2015, Samantha Cristoforetti, an astronaut on the International Space Station, drank a small cup of coffee and took a giant step for coffee-kind when she made the first zero-gravity espresso.

Q&A: Climate Action

Nick Henry, CEO: "Unless business participates and can deliver on the technologies, we are not going to achieve our climate targets."

The rapid rise of impact investing

Impact investment offers diverse opportunities to investors to generate positive social and environmental impact in investments which also deliver a compelling financial return.

Pioneers in fuel cell and electric mobility

With air quality in cities deteriorating over recent years, sustainable mobility solutions are coming into focus. We are at the outset of an eco-cars era.

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