Digitally driven: marketing innovations reach new segments

Carmakers need to eliminate silo structures and overcome traditional organizational boundaries. The goal must be to put the customer at the center and not the product.

The digital retail revolution

Since the advent of online banking and digital retailers such as Amazon and eBay, you can now get almost anything you can think of delivered to wherever you are with just a click.

Q&A: Hyundai Motor Europe

Jochen Sengpiehl, Vice President Marketing: "The biggest challenge we are facing is the clash between two industries: the digital industry and the old car industry."

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SEAT drives the wellness revolution

At a time of unprecedented changes to the nature of work, some of the world’s largest businesses are putting the physical and mental health of their employees at the heart of their reinvention for the future.

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The fuels of the future, the engines of tomorrow

Saudi Aramco has teamed up with vehicle manufacturers and research scientists around the world to develop game-changing technologies for the next generation of the internal combustion engine.