A Shared Future


    Make way for the Internet of Energy

    One of the most dramatic implications of the Internet of Energy is the so-called virtualization of the traditional power plant, the replacement of large generating facilities by aggregated small producers.

    Leading the energy transition

    Recently Enel has unveiled a new brand, Enel X, reflecting its strategy of opening up energy to new uses, new technologies, new partnerships and new services.

    The man who inspired the Stinger

    "Design is a tool that helps the brand achieve what it wants to communicate and where it wants to go. Kia has been a challenger brand. We came from nothing and we have surprised a lot of people."

    Innovating sustainability

    When digital services are delivered via the cloud, public cloud providers like Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft can leverage massive efficiencies of scale that no corporate data center could match.

    Digital technology reshapes city services

    Faced with the many economic, social and environmental challenges of rapid urbanization, city authorities of today have found an important new ally in the shape of cutting-edge digital technology and services.

    Taking Kia to the next level

    As the automotive industry faces the greatest period of change in its history, coming to terms with new technologies for connectivity, electrification and autonomous driving, market share, scale and global reach have become even more critical to success.

    The connected car: smartphones on wheels

    Barcelona-based SEAT is incorporating mobile communications and entertainment technology into its models to appeal to a young and vibrant segment of the population.

    Enel: The journey to open power

    "We are focused on our customers, which is why we launched a new global business line; it will come into the market under the new brand, Enel X."

    What next for SEAT?

    "In our Martorell factory we are already using innovations such as smart glasses, virtual reality and autonomous, collaborative robots."

    Nissan designs intelligent mobility

    While tailpipes and driveshafts already look like being consigned to history along with the internal combustion engine, new digital technologies are poised to have an even more dramatic impact on car interiors and exteriors.

    Startegy: not a typo

    Companies, instead of planning, must make repeated and quick attempts with partners to adapt to the frequent technological and social changes of our world.

    Building a diverse workforce

    "Newmont now has five women directors, which puts us right at the top of the pack for a Fortune 500 company. We have three women on our executive leadership team out of nine."

    Digital dexterity in the workplace

    In the workplace, there can be dramatic opportunities for companies adopting a culture that embraces the possibilities of technological change.

    One supercomputer to rule the roads

    Historic car manufacturers are moving onto the frontline of cutting-edge technologies and powering a new era in computing as they reposition themselves for a world of connected and autonomous transport.

    Technology holds key to future health

    Combine an aging and growing population with an acute shortage of health care workers and it is clear that the world is about to face a health crisis of dramatic proportions.

    Mining Industry 4.0

    Mining companies have put the excesses of the commodity boom behind them and are refocusing their investments on innovation.

    Transforming mining with technology

    Innovation touches everything we do. It has made Anglo American safer, more productive, more cost-competitive and more accepted by our host communities.

    Protection from new threats

    In the early days of the Internet, the first cybersecurity companies would detect one or two new viruses each week. Now, 30 years later, the scale of the threat has increased almost beyond comprehension.

    Towards zero water

    Canadian mining company Goldcorp is now pioneering a new approach that aims to dramatically reduce the use of water in its operations.