Visionary marketing for a real life experience

An auto industry veteran, Luca De Meo is deftly mixing his innovative branding skills - honed at Audi, Renault, Toyota and Fiat and now as CEO of trendy SEAT—with music and dance to capture festival goers’ imaginations.

Luca de Meo, president of SEAT, is awarded honorary citizenship to the Italian town of Locorotondo

It’s not every day you’re given the keys to the city. But then again, not everyone is Luca de Meo.

The telegenic 51-year old president of Barcelona-headquartered car manufacturer SEAT so impressed the citizens of Locorotondo with his marketing zeal and boost to regional tourism they simply had to make him an honorary citizen.

Famous for its whitewashed, cone-roofed trulli houses and set in the undulating countryside of southern Italy near Bari, Locorotondo (‘round place’) stages VIVA! Festival, the annual avant-garde electronic music concerts lifting the lid on Italy’s best-kept secret: the captivating Itria Valley.

Over 20,000 people attended the 2018 edition of Southern Italy’s VIVA! Festival

As a visionary experiential marketer, it’s hardly surprising that de Meo was the mastermind behind VIVA! Festivalfull_stop