Electric vehicles in pole position

In the years since Enel installed Italy’s very first charging station for electric vehicles, in the historic city of Pisa back in 2009, electric mobility has moved to the heart of the company’s growth strategy.


To expand the market for EVs, Enel now plans to install 14,000 charging points across Italy by 2022 and to develop revolutionary technology that enables EV drivers to sell electricity from their cars back to the national grid.

“Our priority is to develop the market for electric mobility,” says Alberto Piglia, the company’s head of e-mobility. “We are expecting exponential growth, with EVs representing over 50% of total cars sold by 2040.”

Thanks to Enel’s investments in public recharging points in cities and on highways, it is already possible for EV owners to drive all the way from southern Italy to Milan without having to worry about the range of their cars.

Meanwhile, when the cars are parked at home, Enel is developing Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology that will allow drivers to exchange electricity from their EVs with the grid.

“We think that electric cars are essentially batteries with wheels,” Piglia explains. “They can inject power back into the network and create a new revenue stream for EV owners.”

By strengthening the case for buying an electric car, Enel believes the innovation will help transform the face of road transport across Italy and the worldfull_stop

As published in TIME magazine