Q&A: Pure Storage

James Petter, Vice President EMEA: "Once you move away from old technology, you don't go back. It's like the recording industry."

Q&A: Intel Corporation

Dr. Martin Curley, Vice President and Director Intel Labs Europe: "The technology is there. The question is whether we are ready to embrace it."

Q&A: HP Enterprise

David Chalmers, Vice President and Group Chief Technologist EMEA: "People need to transform the way they interact with their customers."

Global leaders in sustainable innovation

As the 46th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum gets underway in Davos, participants are facing up to some of the most challenging economic and social conditions in a generation.

M-Pesa: mobile money in Africa

In many African countries, more people now use a mobile money account than a bank account. Many of them will be customers of Vodafone’s pioneering M-Pesa service.

A philosophy of inclusion: Philips Lighting

For WEF participants gathering in the glittering conference halls of Davos it may be hard to imagine, but over one billion people around the world still do not have access to electric light.

BMW’s i3 model

In Germany, one in every four EV sold in the last two years has been a BMW i3, and the model is the third most popular EV in the world.

Q&A: Cisco Systems

Amr Salem, Global Managing Director, Smart Cities IoE: "There must be a cultural change, not just a technology fix. More computers will not make it happen."

Q&A: MasterCard South Africa

Mark Elliot, Division President: "Done right, mobile money can bring the banked world to the unbanked in ways that are useful in their daily lives."

Q&A: GE Aviation

Christopher Lorence, General Manager, Engineering Technologies: “The aviation industry as a whole needs to come together to create more fuel efficient aircraft.”

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