Q&A: Climate Action

Nick Henry, CEO: "Unless business participates and can deliver on the technologies, we are not going to achieve our climate targets."

Q&A: Carbon Trade Exchange

Wayne Sharpe, Executive Chairman and Founder: "We want to provide the global scale and capacity needed to address the climate change problem."

Q&A: Avery Dennison

Dean A. Scarborough, CEO & Chairman: "Our goal in 2025 is to have 70% of our paper sourcing FSC certified, which is the highest standard of paper certification."

Q&A: GE Aviation

Christopher Lorence, General Manager, Engineering Technologies: “The aviation industry as a whole needs to come together to create more fuel efficient aircraft.”

Q&A: Airbus

Frédéric Eychenne, New Energies Program Manager: "If you want to talk about objectives, you have to work together as an extended team within the aviation community."

Q&A: Bombardier

Bruce Parry, Head of Sustainability, Product Development Engineering: "We look at design, manufacturing, supply chain, maintenance and operation, and end-of-life all from an environmental perspective."


Michael Gill, Executive Director: "We have seen a broad consensus to move forward with the discussions in a productive manner."

Q&A: Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Julie Felgar, Managing Director of Environmental Strategy: "Aviation biofuel is not a science experiment – it is real and it is a genuine alternative to fossil fuel."

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