Greener skies

It is set to be a critical year for the world’s commercial aviation sector. By the end of 2016, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a UN agency, will endorse a global standard for CO² that all new aircraft will have to meet.

Money makes the world go round

Long-established financial institutions are working hard to support financial inclusion and to increase their funding of socially and environmentally positive projects.

M-Pesa: mobile money in Africa

In many African countries, more people now use a mobile money account than a bank account. Many of them will be customers of Vodafone’s pioneering M-Pesa service.

Supporting sustainable trade

At Davos  this year, politicians and policymakers are debating the next stage in the integration of  international trade, with giant regional free trade agreements set to transform  global  flows of goods and services. 

A safe bet in Europe

At the same time as it increases  its  global exports, Italy is  also  attracting ever  higher levels of foreign investment, especially from  companies in developing  countries  which are looking to secure a foothold in more stable economies.

Mining breaks new ground

In the face of an extended slump in prices for metals and minerals, the largest mining companies are maintaining their investments supporting the communities affected by their operations.

A philosophy of inclusion: Philips Lighting

For WEF participants gathering in the glittering conference halls of Davos it may be hard to imagine, but over one billion people around the world still do not have access to electric light.

Exchanging environmental commodities

Alongside the global banks, newer players in the financial sector are delivering innovative financing mechanisms for environmental investments.

BMW’s i3 model

In Germany, one in every four EV sold in the last two years has been a BMW i3, and the model is the third most popular EV in the world.

Q&A: MasterCard South Africa

Mark Elliot, Division President: "Done right, mobile money can bring the banked world to the unbanked in ways that are useful in their daily lives."

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