Fujitsu: integration is key

Dr Alex Bazin, Vice President and Head of IoT and Takaaki Suga, Head of the IoT Business Division, Fujitsu discuss mobility trends and solutions.

Sustainable mobility: is the future electric?

Increasing public concern over emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants from cars, combined with advances in technologies for batteries and alternative fuels, has led to a rapid growth in the market for low emission vehicles.

Is the hydrogen fuel cell the turning point?

In 2015, Japanese car giant Toyota began selling in Europe and California its Mirai car, a futuristic vehicle which uses a hydrogen fuel-cell for power and which emits only water vapor from the tail pipe as a by-product.

Volvo’s ElectriCity

In the development of sustainable urban transport, partnerships between vehicle manufacturers, energy suppliers, academia and local authorities are playing a fundamental role.

Greener skies

It is set to be a critical year for the world’s commercial aviation sector. By the end of 2016, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a UN agency, will endorse a global standard for CO² that all new aircraft will have to meet.

BMW’s i3 model

In Germany, one in every four EV sold in the last two years has been a BMW i3, and the model is the third most popular EV in the world.

Q&A: GE Aviation

Christopher Lorence, General Manager, Engineering Technologies: “The aviation industry as a whole needs to come together to create more fuel efficient aircraft.”

Q&A: Airbus

Frédéric Eychenne, New Energies Program Manager: "If you want to talk about objectives, you have to work together as an extended team within the aviation community."

Q&A: Bombardier

Bruce Parry, Head of Sustainability, Product Development Engineering: "We look at design, manufacturing, supply chain, maintenance and operation, and end-of-life all from an environmental perspective."


Michael Gill, Executive Director: "We have seen a broad consensus to move forward with the discussions in a productive manner."

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